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Hello, So Fit Gym Members, 

I hope this finds everyone well and safe. So Fit Gym is now open.


As I mentioned in a letter to you all in March at the start of the Corona Virus outbreak, the cleanliness and safety of my members and staff are my top priority. With that being said, I wanted to let you, the members, know how we are going to move forward in keeping So Fit Gym clean and sanitized. 


Some of the protocols we started before closing the gym will continue moving forward. In addition to the existing protocols, here are a few more:


  • You will find three additional paper towel dispensers, trash receptacles, and sanitizing bottles (either bottle or pump) on the gym floor & classroom. Hand sanitizers are throughout the gym and entrance/exit of the gym.   


  • Trash receptacles have been removed from the restrooms. Please use the paper towel that you used to wash your hands to open the door. There is a new trash receptacle located outside of the restrooms.   


  • Water fountains are being sprayed hourly with Listerine. In addition, a hands-free water dispenser will be added Thursday to our existing water fountain. 


  • All towels (for member use) are being sanitized in bleach water after each use. This will now include towels deposited in the containers in the restrooms. 


  • Hand sanitizing wipes will be added to the outside of the building to use to open doors. 


Until further notice, childcare is by appointment only with the following hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8am-11am and 4pm-7pm
Friday 8am-11pm
Saturday 8am-11:30am


We will now be offering limited classes including Flew, TRX, and yoga. There will be a maximum of 46 individuals allowed in the gym at any given point in time.   


You may be asked to wait before entering the gym. Please be patient. Restrictions on classes, childcare, and the amount of maximum of members should lift in the upcoming weeks.   


If you are coughing, running a fever (particularly 100.4), not feeling well, please do not come to the gym! The front will have to ask each of you three health questions before entering the gym and may have to check your temperature.   


My ask is that you be patient and be kind to everyone during this time. As we all know, as members, business owners, employees….we have not been through something like this. We appreciate you. 



Dean Carroll 


Dean Carroll

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